First Ride Post Vet

We had our first ride last night after our vet visit.  No swelling, no adverse reactions, which was good.  Under saddle, didn’t feel very different at the walk and trot.  He was his happy self as normal.  I teased my mom, asking if he looked like floating butterfly.  Cantering, we started off on the right lead, and it was perfect!  Picked up the lead with no issues, cantered around our smaller ring, was really great.

Left lead?  Not so great.  He did pick up the canter and didn’t try to crow hop me around the ring, but it was definitely a 4 beat not-so-comfortable canter.  I thought it was the ring, so we decided to canter out of the ring.  When he was in a big part going straight, he felt good.  But then of course he tripped on a slight rise and then got angry and crow hopped.  We tried one more time in the open area, and felt good, but as soon as we go to turn, he has difficulty.  BUT!  Need to be positive: before, he wasn’t even picking it up.

We were going to head to Pinehurst this weekend to hack around (and I was going to help my previous barn with all of the horses and students going), but they cancelled it due to lack of entries.  Which was really disappointing: we had already packed the trailer, and I started cleaning my stuff at home.

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