Decision Time – Vet Visit

Rode Monday, Wednesday and Saturday again.  No change in routine except for having a lot of fun going down our mile long dirt road with my mom walking beside me to the mailbox on Saturday.  He was a good boy; no issues with cars going by (it’s been a while).  I made the decision on Wednesday to make a vet visit.

That visit was today.  Good news?  I got him to canter no issues whatsoever in the bigger sandy ring.  Bad news?  Vet saw some lameness issues along with the weakness in his hocks.  It’s not terrible, but ever so slightly noticeable.  I am most likely not noticing it under saddle because it’s even on both sides.  First thing the vet evaluated was range of motion in his joints: all super there (another vet from this practice did his pre-purchase and remarked how great it was then; so super that we’ve had just as superb range of motion kept up!).  Jogs sounds on concrete with no flexion tests.  With the flexion tests, nothing on both fronts (both lower and upper), lower hinds negative, but his upper left and right hind were 2/5 (5 being the worst).  This upper flexion test encompasses everything above and including the hock (so includes that pesky stifle!).

Kosmo maintained his 2/5 score both under saddle and on the lounge line.  You don’t know how happy I was that his canter depart was back to normal: I was really worried and apprehensive about it.  I was disappointed that cantering on the lunge line he really had trouble maintaining the canter.  Definitely worse in holding his balance going to the left than to the right.  She also had me demonstrate flying lead changes, which he’s never really been able to get his back (does his skip change).  This is par for the course the entire time I’ve owned him: I’ve really only seen him do a true flying lead change when he’s either booking it in the field, or acting up under saddle (so the flying change usually comes with a buck… heh).

Basically, not LAME, but sore.  Vet believed that if we got him feeling comfortable and no longer sore, he would use himself better, and work out of the weakness.  So I made the decision to do hock injections today.  He’s being kept in today, and turnout tomorrow, and return to our normal program on Wednesday.  She definitely encouraged to keep doing our hill work, raised cavalettis, etc.  with the notion that we should see improvement in a week, and definitely in two weeks.  I’ll probably be a lame-o and not even try to canter at home until that two week mark is approaching more.  But that favorite show of mine is this weekend… I don’t think I’d show in it, but is the money/time worth it to just take him to ride him there and help out?  Hard to decide…

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