2nd Week – No Changes

Last Monday (the 10th), rode just fine.  I managed to get my mom to video some of the trot both directions.  But she started the video in portrait mode, then turned my phone and well.. now I have a sideways video.  I think I can fix it when I upload it; we shall see tonight.

Wednesday, no change in routine except doing  a little bit more of everything.  Trotted for a lot longer than usual.

Saturday, no ride unfortunately: I had friends in town and so I just lead Kosmo around all his obstacles and around the hills.  He was truly bored; tried to eat the lead rope as I was leading him around.

He feels so good, it’s so hard to NOT try to canter.  But I don’t want the weakness causing discipline problems.  What if he is still not be up to par to canter continuously, so he refuses to, and then I don’t get after him because I think its weakness related, and then when he IS feeling up to it, he just doesn’t want to do it.  Does that make sense?

We’re coming up on 10 days until my favorite show of the year.  My barn is having a whopping 18 people go, and I have volunteered myself regardless if I take Kosmo.  I highly, highly doubt I’ll even show, but is it worth the money just to take him to ride around?  I don’t know… it’s down at Pinehurst Racing Track, which I love having our own barn to ourselves, and riding around the track and on the grass, and having paddocks, etc.

I have thought about trailering down to our vets place and riding around in their ring and if we DO have issues at the canter, we’ll be somewhere where someone can watch us and see if they see anything or we can take some further action (flex tests, etc).  I mean, he does need his fall shots (flu, rabies, tetanus eee/wee wnv), Coggins, and teeth done… could kill a few birds with one stone.

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