1st Week Report – So Far, So Good

I was going to give weekly (or daily, depending on how I feel) updates as to our progress, but for right now, I think that might be a tad tedious and boring… so here’s what last week looked like.

Monday: Pretty much the same routine as Saturday.  We did have one moment where his hind end fell out; we were trotting around and I think he dragged his back toe a little much and caught himself.  It’s those instances I can really feel the stifle weakness.  Riding him otherwise, he doesn’t feel off or abnormal at the trot OR walk.  I see our issues at the canter, which I’m not even going to attempt until we’re at least two weeks into this exercise regimen (it’s so tempting though, cause he just feels good otherwise).  Side note to self: My mom sits out there and watches me each time I ride; I realize I really need to get her to take video snippets.

Wednesday: No change, nothing special added here.

Friday: No ride for today, as I’m heading out after work to meet some non-horsey friends I haven’t seen in a while; should be fun!  Also, I’ve been trying out the Micklem we got for my birthday; so far so good.  He definitely doesn’t “yawn” as much when I take the Micklem off, which is a good sign.  I think tomorrow is a day for trying it out bitless!  Will report back 🙂

Saturday: I forgot to look up how to construct the bridle for being bitless.  Whoops.  Didn’t change up anything today, except a bit more trot in the ring, and we went down the driveway/road and up and down one of the gradual hills a lot more than usual.  It was just so nice out, it was nice to walk around the property for a while.  Tried to trot up towards the barn the one time, and he got excited that he tried to canter, and then protested a lot (head went up and bounced up and down in protest like he does when I ask him to canter).  Silly horse, I wasn’t asking for the canter, that was on you!  So maybe no trotting up gradual hills yet, which makes me sad.  But I need to remember I’m trying to undo months of laziness which is going to take time.

And in true forgetful me form… I never had my mom video us.  UGH.

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