Hard to Get Going

I’ll admit, I had a lot of passion to start blogging (or ranting in the case of some textile topics) when I started this, but then, as we all know it, life gets in the way.

Right now, it’s really hard to start up again looking at the fact that my last post was about Lollie… Lollie who has now left this earth.  The animal that has been in my life for 20 years is no longer; the last of the dear animals that came with us from NY to NC is gone.  There has never been a time that I have gone up to the barn on my parents property and she has not been there.  Cantankerous always looking for food Lollie, with her characteristic shrill whinny to let you know that she’s hungry.  It’s been tough on me, but I cannot fathom what my mother is going through.

We lost Lollie to impaction colic.  She was touch and go for a week; going from being very interested in eating, moving around, drinking, to doing none of those things.  I remember she’d go from pulling you around the yard one day, and then next, she was almost falling over.  We made the final call when she just had tons of fluid backing up, and the vet warned us she was exhibiting signs that she was close to her stomach rupturing.  Mom did it while I was at work, and said she’d call so I could come over there to be with her, but she didn’t until it was done, and they had already taken her away to be buried.

IMG_1337 (Small)

I miss her; Kosmo is in her stall now, and it will always be her stall, no matter what.  I try to remember good times, where I would sing “Lollipop” under my breath as she power trotted around the ring.  Or having my mother pick me up at the bus stop at the top of the road in the carriage with her.  Time will let these memories bring more happiness than sadness soon.

On a different note, I’m also going to be using this blog for a while to document my progress on working with Kosmo for the next month: we have truly achieved couch potato status, as my fitness level has dropped to… nothing and his has dropped to where it is causing a negative impact on what he’s able to do.  He’s always had weak stifles, but we’re at a point now where it’s causing enough discomfort for him just to pick up the canter.  It’s all my fault: he’s moved from a facility where he’s out with other horses who like to run and chase each other, to one where.. he’s now by himself (even when Lollie was around, it’s not like she ran).  And I am never good about riding in the summer (I’m out once a week, if that, tops) because of the heat.  SO.  We’re both gonna man up this month.  He’s gonna hate me, but here we come at least every other day for raised cavalettis, hill work, and long and low trotting!

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