Throwback Thursday – Horses in My Life Part 1

We’re going to have a little feature for the next couple of Thursdays, where I’ll go back over the multiple horses in my life.  First up is Lollie!

Lollie was purchased as a 10 year old to be my mother’s driving horse.  She is a tank of 15.1 hands Cleveland Bay/Morgan cross.  This little powerhouse would pull a four wheeled pleasure cart with four people on it like no thing.  The nice thing about driving horses is they are trained to not buck or kick (or at least, Lollie was): otherwise you’d have some problems with them being in a cart and either damaging the cart when they acted out, or the person driving!  That just means that when Lollie got excited, she WENT.  I’m pretty sure she could trot faster than some horses could canter.  I was always tempted to enter her in trot-only barrel racing classes (kind of the beginners only barrel racing at 4H shows), but I chickened out.

In one of our first horse shows together

When I finally got to an age that I took lessons consistently and they stopped being essentially pony rides, I started to ride Lollie.  I took her to TWHA shows, and other local schooling shows.  I hadn’t fully gotten into hunter/jumper yet, so this was a majority of flat classes.  She was also my crossrail extraordinaire: if those crossrails were ever too high, she’d just stop, knock the rail over, and then pleasantly walk over.

Sort of like this

She is the cleverest horse I know: in addition to rail dropping, she’d open up latches, lift gates off their hinges, and would generally try to escape work as much as possible.  She was the first horse I ever took to a show.  She was the first horse I fell off of (riding bareback.. at the walk.  Yes, yes, you try sitting on a couch made of blubbery fat and muscle that has no withers!)

Got a little sway back going on now

Lollie is still around at the ripe old age of 31.  She’s finally starting to show her age: she’s not sound 100% of the time, has a little bit of asthma, her back is starting to sway, and she doesn’t mow you down when it’s feeding time.  She has definitely earned her retirement with us, and it’ll be very sad to see her go.

Lollie loves getting festive for Christmas

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